5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Home Removal Company

Monday 25th May 2020

Whilst you might be able to move house without the help of a professional home removal company, there are many reasons why using a professional removal company is actually easier, quicker, and safer.

You won’t have to worry about making time to load and unload the car between driving back and forth, and that’s before you have even started looking at unpacking your possessions. 

Better value for money

The moving process can also be a costly one. Packing supplies are always the first thing that come to mind but there’s also the cost of fuel to consider, which can quickly build up depending on the number of trips and the distance between your old and new home. It’s also important to bear in mind that vans consume a lot more fuel, especially when fully laden, which could mean that you might spend more money on fuel than you may have planned for. 

Hackworthy & Sons has you covered in terms of packing up your belongings, with a variety of packing options available to you, whether that be packing your belongings yourself using our specifically designed cartons or our full professional packing service. This is definitely something that will make your house removal with a professional removal company better value for money, as this service is not something that is going to be available to you when hiring a van. 

Another great benefit of moving with a professional home removal company is having the access to a professional team who help people move house every day. If you hired a van to move would you have access to this benefit? This could cost a little more than moving by yourselves but in the long run once you have paid for all the petrol from trips back and forth and exhausting yourselves it's worth considering if this is a cost worth spending on. 

Takes some of the physical strain away 

Another consideration that many people don’t think about until it’s a little too late is the physical toll that moving can have. A cardboard box that weighs 0.5kg when empty can weigh close to 30kg once fully packed, and lifting something of that weight improperly can easily result in injury.

The team at Hackworthy, have been moving customers for over 40 years, so have lots of experience in moving heavy items and are trained to correctly lift heavy objects to avoid injuries. So why not take the strain away from moving yourselves into your new home and get the help of a professional removal company to help you? 

Moving house is a stressful time, so our aim is to provide you with the best removal service so that you can concentrate on other tasks whilst we move your things.

Quicker moving with a home removals company 

Moving with a home removal company means that you will have the access to a large vehicle that you can move your belongings in (and the best part is you don't even have to drive it). Packing your things into a lorry will make it easier to move large items and will mean you have the ability to pack around these, which is less likely to be able to with a small hire van. 

Thanks to the large lorry, this will also mean that you will be able to fit more of your things to move in the vehicle in one go, resulting in less trips that will need to be made. It goes without saying that a smaller van will move less things and will require more trips, so what better reason to reduce your trips and hire a home removal company to help you. 

Makes the process easier

When moving house there are a lot of things that need to be considered and that’s before you even start moving your belongings. 

Hiring a van to move yourself to your new house brings with it it’s own extra things to bear in mind, for example the cost of the petrol should the van need refilling, where to get packing materials, as well as the insurance that you may need to hire a van. 

Using a home removal company helps to alleviate some of the requirements involved in moving house, making it easier for you. Hackworthy & Sons will discuss with you all of the services available to you and will help you to work out what would benefit you the most looking at the needs of your house move. 

As the move is made easier when moving with a professional removal company, this means that there is less chance of you forgetting something that needs to be done in the removal process as the transporting of your belongings is covered by the home removal company. 

Insurance on belongings available with a home removal company 

With a home removal company there is likely to be the option to add insurance to your house move, to protect your belongings should anything happen in the removals process. At Hackworthy, we include the cost of insurance within your removal quote as a requirement of our registration with the British Association of Removers. Our insurance is designed to give you cover for your belongings throughout the whole removal process; including any time they’re in storage.

With all that said, there’s a lot more to a professional home removal company like ours than simply loading a van in one place and unloading it in another. 

If you are weighing up the options of moving yourself or hiring a removal company and would like to discuss your options with Hackworthy, contact us today on 01752 546214 or email us at enquiries@hackworthy.co.uk for more information and to discuss a removal quote.