European Removals

Door to Door with the Utmost Care.

Here at Hackworthy & Sons we offer a whole range of removal services for clients looking to move across the Continent.

Whether you are moving to France, Spain, Portugal, Germany or Italy we are able to offer a range of services to meet the budget and timescales for your move.

Exclusive Service

This moving service is based on providing a crew and vehicle which to totally dedicated to moving you and your family. The timeframes for the move are tailored to your schedule. 

The services offered as part of the removal are  just the same as if you are moving within the UK, but our years of knowledge can prove invaluable when moving into a new Country.

Shared Load Service

This cost-effective removal solution is great for clients looking to move a small consignment of effects or a single item into Europe. The quality of service offered is, of course, the same as our exclusive removal service but the costs are shared with other clients looking to move to the same area abroad.

As this is a shared removal service, you’ll need to be flexible on the collection and delivery dates of your belongings. However, you are still provided with a timescale for delivery when your belongings are collected from your UK address and then a date for delivery before your belongings leave the UK.

What you can expect from us

A Personalised Removal Plan and Service.

A Professionally trained and uniformed removal team on the day of your move.

Quality packing resources and property protection.

Experienced and helpful staff on hand to give you advice and assistance at any stage of the moving process.

Packing Services

At Hackworthy & Sons, we offer various packing services for our clients. While we would always recommend a professional full packing service to our clients, this is especially important when you take into consideration the distance and time your effects will be in transit when travelling into Europe.

Services we Offer:

  • A Full Professional Packing  Service.   
  • A Professional Fragile Packing Service.
  • Destination Unpacking and Unwrapping Service.
  • Wrapping of Furniture. 
  • Bespoke Crating Service for antiques and pictures.

You can read more about the packing services we offer on our Packing Service Page

If you’d like help with your packing, why not talk it through with our surveyor during his visit or give us a call? We’ll be happy to discuss all the options. Whatever your needs, we’ll do our best to find the perfect solution for you. We’ve also included some of our top packing tips here.


At Hackworthy & Sons, we know that not every house move is as straight forward as moving from A to B and there is a variety of reasons why clients may want or need their belongings to be stored.

We have spent time considering and investing in the storage options we can offer to our clients. We, of course, have dry, secure, alarmed and CCTV monitored warehouse - we kind of think this goes without saying. But as well as traditional removal storage we have invested in self-storage, setting up our own self-storage company - Plymouth Self Storage. This means our customer can pick whichever storage option suits them - or even a mixture of both. 

We Can Offer:

Traditional Containerised Removal Storage - Your belongs are loaded into wooden containers at your property.

Self Storage - With a range of unit sizes with easy access to your effects.

Get in touch to discuss your possible storage requirements - we are happy to supply you with guide storage prices even if you are not sure if you will require storage yet. Or you can read more about the packing services we offer on our Storage Service Page.

Shared Load Service

A Shared Load Service is a great way for clients to move their belongings to a new destination in Europe. Our clients receive the same high-quality service throughout the moving process but, by sharing space on a vehicle with other client’s consignments, they reduce the overall cost of their removal.

How to works;

We compile a quotation for you based on your removal requirements. If you then chose to accept the quote, we will arrange for your effects to be collected and returned to our secure warehouse to be stored while we arrange onward delivery.

To ensure the safe passage of every client’s goods we always ensure that each consignment is individually wrapped, labelled and inventoried.

We will then work to consolidate your consignment with others. One of the benefits of being an Independent Company is that we have built up a panel of trusted suppliers, who each specialise in delivery different European Countries. We will utilise this panel to ensure the efficient and safe delivery of your belongings. 

Factors which will affect the timescales for delivery include, the time of year you are looking to move and the popularity of your chosen destination. But, once we have a possible date for delivery we will contact you to make delivery arrangements.

If you would like more information on a specific European Destination please feel free to get in touch.

Insurance & Waivers

Sometimes, the best laid plans can go wrong. Accidents happen.

With Hackworthy and Sons, you can relax knowing you’re fully covered for anything that might happen during your move. 


We believe in making things as simple as possible. That’s why unlike most other removal companies, your quote includes insurance cover for all your belongings throughout the move.

All removal companies registered with the British Association of Removers are required to provide liability cover as part of their standard T&Cs. But many charge extra for removal insurance, storage insurance and in some cases, even fire insurance.

Moving can be stressful enough without having to decide whether you need to take our extra cover to insure your possessions against damage or loss. Our insurance is designed to give you cover for your belongings throughout the whole removal process; including any time they’re in storage.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong and you need to make a claim, we’ll guide you through the process and help get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

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