6 Top Tips On How To Choose The Best Removal Company

Thursday 28th May 2020

We know that moving house is a stressful time and not a regular occurrence for most people, with the average British Homeowners moving house every 23 years. That’s why we have put together a list of tips to help you to choose the best removal company for your house move.

●     Plan ahead

It goes without saying that by planning your move as far in advance as possible that you will be provided with more choice of removal companies than if you had left it until the last minute. By giving yourself the time to choose from a range of different companies to carry out your removal you can ensure that you choose the best removal company for you.

Waiting until the last minute is never a good option; have you ever felt so stressed that you weren't going to meet a deadline but then somehow managed to make it by the skin of your teeth? If yes, then by planning your removal as earlier as possible you will eliminate the stress behind this part of the removals process.

●     Gather quotes

It’s important to gather quotes from several different companies to compare which of them is the best removal company for you to use. Removal companies should provide you with a detailed breakdown within their quotation which will help you to know what each separate part of the removal will cost.

You can then compare each of these sections amongst your quotes and see where you may receive more services from one company in comparison to another for no extra cost.  

●     Look at accreditations

When you have gathered your quotes and are comparing the best option for you, it's recommended to check out the accreditations that the removals company holds - if any. To gain most accreditations companies are required to undergo an inspection/assessment to make sure they are of good standing, provide a minimum standard of work and ensure you have recourse in case anything goes wrong with your removal. 

Hackworthy & Sons, currently hold 3 accreditations in the industry; The British Association of Removers, Which? Trusted Trader and BS EN 12522. For more information on the accreditations that we hold, take a look here.

By considering a companies accreditations in your comparison of quotes, this will help you to choose the best removal company not only based on the cost but will allow you to evaluate the reliability of each one in terms of the accreditations that they hold.

●     Look at the other services available

You should also consider what services you would like the removal companies to provide from packing to dismantling whether it is UK removals or International removals. You must brief your requirements to the removal companies so they can let you know if they provide the services you require. They can then include the services in your detailed quotation.

●     Check reviews / ask for recommendations from friends

Reviews are always a great way of finding out about a service that you have not used before. They can be a useful tool for looking at previous customers' experiences. However, be wary of companies that only have good reviews -  every company makes mistakes and seeing how they respond to a customer's bad experience can tell you a lot about the companies ethos.

Reviews from friends and family that you trust and appreciate the opinion of are an excellent way of choosing a company as they are unlikely to provide you with a false opinion of their experience.

You may be thrilled with the quotation that you have been given by a removals firm but if they have lots of bad reviews would you be confident they are the best removal company for you?

●     Check insurance

It is very important to make sure that the removal company you choose to complete your removal holds adequate insurance so you can be rest assured that your possessions are protected by insurance should there be an accident or damage.

If you need help choosing the best removal company for your move, get in touch with Hackworthy & Sons today and our team will offer you the information and advice you require