Why Hire A Removal Company For An Office Move?

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Why hire a removal company for an office move, you say? Why not? 

Using an office removals company to help move your company to another office is definitely something you should consider if you are planning on relocating your business, there are so many reasons hiring an office removals company will help you.

One of the main advantages to hiring an office removal company is that there will be less hassle and stress on your team. The Hackworthy & Sons office removals team are vastly experienced in moving offices and will always make sure that your move is as stress free as possible enabling you to focus on the other things to think about when moving office. 

Office removals companies also mean that there is not a need to hire any moving equipment, there is no need to hire a van, buy boxes or do heavy lifting on your own as this is all covered by the office removers. Within your quote from Hackworthy & Sons, you will be provided with purpose designed crates to pack up your belongings. These are usually delivered a week before your move and are collected a week after your move, giving you plenty of time to pack and unpack items in your own time. 

If you’re really busy and don't have time to pack up your things, you’d benefit from our full packing service so that you have the time to continue working through your move. 

Not having to hire moving equipment also means that you free up time that you would have otherwise spent moving the office yourself. The benefit to this is that you will have reduced business disruption as your team has the time to carry on working as the office removers are carrying out your office move. 

Office equipment is often of high value so it is important to protect this when moving your office. A way you can do this is by moving with an office removals company which offers insurance as part of your move. 

All removals with Hackworthy & Sons include insurance as part of your quote so there is no need to budget for this as an additional to your removal. 

During your move you are likely to come across unwanted paperwork that has been hanging around unnecessarily because there has never been a reason to dispose of it until you move office. If you come across this situation during your office removal, our sister company Plymouth Self Storage offers a personal confidential waste shredding service which destroys private and confidential information in a secure manner. 

Another benefit specific to a Hackworthy & Sons office removal is that we have archive and document storage available to our clients. If you don't have enough storage space in your new office or you are required to store records away from your main office, our archiving and records management service offers secure and safe storage for you to keep your records and documents off site. 

If you’ve used our office removals service before, we’d love to hear from you to find out if you experienced any other reasons as to why you should hire a removal company for an office move. Alternatively, if you’d like more information on office removals with Hackworthy or have any questions get in contact to speak to the team today on 01752 228815 or email enquiries@hackworthy.co.uk