7 Top Tips On How To Move House Stress-Free

Tuesday 14th July 2020

If you’ve moved house before you will probably know that with everything involved and to think about, moving can often be quite stressful. At Hackworthy and Sons, we understand this and for this reason we’d like to provide you with some useful tips on how to move stress free into your new move. We will always do our best to make your house move stress free, but take a look at these tips to find out how you can reduce your stress in the lead up to and during your house move. 

Hire professional removers 

One of the first and perhaps the main things that can really help you on how to move house stress free is by hiring a professional removal company. The reason for this is that moving house on your own and hiring a van can bring with it a lot of stress as you have to do everything yourselves and dont have any help from an experienced team of house movers that help and assist you through the move from the heavy lifting to the smooth and professional house move. 

If you have a stressful and demanding job that requires a lot of time from you hiring a removals company is definitely a tip that we would suggest on how to move house stress free, meaning that you still have the time to think about your job and not worry about the organisation of everything that comes with moving house on your own and the requirements needed to be arranged before the house move. Once you have arranged with a removals firm when you are going to move the only other things required for you to do is to organise the actual move and the packing, rather than thinking about what vehicle you need to hire, how many trips will be required and the cost of the process etc. 

Hiring a removal company there is no need to worry about any additional costs after confirming the quote with your removal company. 

It’s also highly recommended that you organise a removal company as soon as you can in plenty of time in order to reduce the stress of rushing to find the right removal company for you. 

Make a list 

Making a list of what needs to be done in your move will help you how to move house stress free, as this will help you to be prepared for what needs to be done in the run up to your move and what needs to be done on the day. Following this, you will then be able to factor in time frames when things need to be done so that you are not having to rush doing all these tasks at once. 

On this list, it is worth thinking about the requirements around your utilities, paperwork that needs to be filled out, changing addresses, giving notice to your landlord (if you rent), finding out where things are in your new house (fuse box, the stopclock, thermostat etc). 

Be organised with packing 

Not only by making a list will you be more organised and less stressed when moving house, another tip on how to move house stress free is by being organised with your packing.

Ways you can be organised when packing is first by creating a rota of when to pack certain items in your house that you wont need in the lead up to or on the day of the move and continue to pack accordingly leaving out just the essentials that you need. By doing this, this will help you to ensure that you don't leave all of your packing to the last minute meaning that a lot of unwanted stress can be avoided. 

In this process it is also important to remember not to take things that you don't want anymore as this just means that you will be moving unwanted items into another house that wont be used and could take up some well needed space. 

Additionally to being organised with the time frame of packing and decluttering things that you don't want/need anymore, labelling boxes as you pack your belongings this will help you to know where each box needs to go in the new house and making unpacking easier in the new house resulting in less stress rummaging around trying to find things in the new house. 

Plan where you would like your furniture to be 

Much like labelling the boxes to put into the relevant rooms in the house, by planning beforehand where you would like you furniture to be placed in each room in the new house this will avoid the stress of just throwing the furniture in each room and let you take the time to plan the perfect layout in your fabulous new home. 

Assign everybody helping with your move certain tasks 

You may have a lot of help offered by friends and family to help you move house, so why not use this to your advantage, but a tip on how to move house stress free is assigning certain tasks to each of your friends and family to ensure that everyone doesn't end up doing the same thing and you are stuck with a load of things that still needs to be done creating stress and tension that could have otherwise been avoided. 

Make a moving day kit with everything you will need 

By making a moving day kit with all of the essentials you need on the day of moving, you can ensure that you’ll have all of the cleaning supplies you need, snacks, phone chargers etc, this will significantly help to reduce the stress of finding the things that you need on the moving day. 

And is a great place to pack those things that you can't pack until the last minute and need to unpack as soon as you arrive at your new home. 

Reward yourself at the end of the day 

Our final tip on how to move house stress free is by planning a reward for the end of your house move, we’d suggest plan on ordering a takeaway so that you can have a treat at the end of a hard day and avoid the stress of thinking about what to have for dinner and how to use the new oven etc. Why not leave this until the following day when you can work all this out in your own time away from all of the requirements and tasks that come with moving day. 

We hope these tips will help you if you’re moving house anytime soon, if you’d like any more advice on how to make your house move stress free, whether this be UK removals or International removals Hackworthy & Sons can help, take a look at our moving guide or contact us today on 01752 546185 or email enquiries@hackworthy.co.uk