Top 5 Benefits of Using Business Storage

Thursday 13th October 2022

One of the many challenges that comes with running a business is finding an appropriate place to store your stock, records, or day-to-day equipment. Without a proper business storage solution, it can be all too easy for your workspace to become cluttered with piles of boxes and stacks of documents that don’t have any real home. Business storage can be beneficial for temporary use, for example if you’re moving office space, or for more long-term use, such as if you need a little extra room to expand your company. These are just a few of the ways that you could benefit from using business storage units. 

 Create A More Organised Workspace

One of the main aspects of running a successful business is creating an organised workspace that allows you to operate effectively, and that is an aspect that you can unlock by investing in a self-storage space for your business. No longer will you have to wade through an overflowing office space with stacks of paperwork, as with your own storage space you can easily organise and allocate where you choose to store your belongings. Got way too much of a paper trail for your home office to handle? You can just keep it all in your storage unit. Ordered too much stock and need a space to keep the overflow? Perhaps you’re waiting to release a new product and need somewhere to hold it until the big day? The storage unit has got you covered. The aim here is to make your life easier and more manageable, as we all know working life is already stressful enough at times!

Peace Of Mind That Valuables & Confidential Goods Are Secure

For those working with high-value, expensive, or desirable equipment, or confidential documents, the security of your assets is more than likely to be  a major concern for you, and with your own business storage units, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your equipment is in safe hands. Our sister company Plymouth Self Storage operates full CCTV monitoring, alongside a key fob entry system. Alongside this, a network of monitored fire and intruder alarm systems ensure extra security on a 24 hour basis. The benefits of knowing that your belongings are safe in business storage can’t be underestimated.  

Gives You Room To Grow 

If you are looking to expand your enterprise, then hiring out a business storage unit can give you the extra space that you need to take yourself to the next level.  You could hire out a space to hold your equipment while your premises are being renovated, or stock up on resources while you wait for the right time to scale up your business. By utilising a storage unit you can seamlessly expand your organisation without severely impacting your current operations. It gives you the space that you need to expand physically as your profits also continue to grow in the process. 

A Cost-Effective Way To Manage Your Resources 

Whilst hiring business storage does involve some level of financial investment, in the grand scheme of things you could be saving yourself hundreds, potentially thousands, if you pay for a storage unit, rather than paying for large commercial premises. The cost of an office space is already pretty substantial, depending on where you reside, and if you need to rent out more space to store your paper records or what have you, then you could be paying a ridiculous amount of money for more office space. If you invest in a small storage unit on the other hand then you could be spending a fraction of the amount every month for the same amount of space.

Provides A Temporary Storage Solution If You’re Relocating 

Whether you’re scaling up your company or downsizing to a smaller commercial space, business storage can be a really practical temporary solution for storing your belongings. Plymouth Self Storage offers flexible long and short term contracts based on your individual requirements. If you’re in-between premises, placing excess belongings into a secure unit gives you peace of mind that your equipment and documents are safe so that you can focus on organising the rest of your move. Our experienced team at Hackworthy can help you through the moving process, from packing through to unpacking at your new location. 

To hear more about our business removals service, including the storage services available from our sister company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us