6 Things To Consider When Thinking About Office Relocation

Tuesday 12th January 2021

We know moving can be a hassle at the best of times, but office relocations can be even more worrying to some people due to the move affecting more people. We wanted to make things easier for you, so we’ve put together a list of things you should consider when thinking about an office relocation. It's very important when planning an office move to take your time and prepare as this will help to cause the least disruption as possible, for office removal preparation tips check out this article. 

Location, Location, Location 

One of the first things and most might say the most important thing to consider when thinking about an office relocation is the location’. A lot relies on the location of an office, from the employees to the clients who will be visiting the office. When looking at the location of your office relocation, you’ll want to consider whether there is parking available nearby, the public transport links that people may need to use to get to you and also how central you are (nobody wants to be searching around looking for your office in the middle of nowhere). Your office may be in a central location but is it easy to find for those who are not familiar with the location and it’s their first time visiting? These are all the things you should consider before making a decision on your new office space. 

If you like to change up the location of your meetings and meet clients in a coffee shop to get away from the office for a bit or have a confidential meeting, we’d recommend checking out what places you have around your potential new office to find out if the surrounding area has what you need. 

Does The Office Space Have The Facilities You Require 

Does your new office meet your requirements in terms of size and location? That's brilliant. The next thing to tick off of your list is whether the office relocation has all of the facilities required for your business to run. Things you might want to consider are whether the office has a kitchen for you and your employees to use, whether bills are included in the rent price, whether there is internet access already there, whether there are parking facilities available and much more. It’s suggested that you make a list of all the things that you’d like from your office relocation before jumping in to view places that may not have anything you are looking for. 

What Is Your Budget? 

Much like, working out what facilities you require from your office, you should consider how much you can afford and whether this fits in with the requirements that you have for the office relocation. 

Organising An Office Removal 

Once you’ve made the choice on your new office, now is the time to consider arranging your office removals, and gather quotes from office removal companies once you’ve done this and decided on the removals company for your office relocation you can then get a removal date booked in the diary that fits with your agreement with the landlord.

Making A Plan 

You might want to think about making a plan for your office move, not just of how and when your office relocation is going to happen, but how you are going to inform everyone involved in the business of your move. Obviously informing your staff will be fairly easy, but when it comes to informing you clients and suppliers it's worth working out the best way of doing this and how much notice you will need to give them of your move. 

What Needs To Be Purchased

Office furniture & equipment - do you need to buy any additional furniture for your office if you’ve taken on new staff or your office layout doesn't work with the current furniture 

If you’re upgrading the size of your office space to make room for a bigger team, then it’s likely that you’ll need to purchase more furniture and office equipment. This is something to consider before you move so that you are prepared and know exactly what needs to be bought on arrival to the office. You may even consider ordering this a few days before your move to arrive as close to moving day as possible. This way it won’t take up room in the removal van, but you’ll have everything in your new office without the worry of thinking what needs to be bought after you’ve moved. 

At Hackworthy & Sons we have vast experience in office removals, so if you’re looking for a Plymouth removal company to help you move into your new workspace get in contact with us today for a quote.