How To Move To A New City Alone: A Checklist

Tuesday 20th June 2023

Deciding to move to a new city alone is one of the most significant decisions you will ever make. Packing your bags and starting fresh without your existing support network can be incredibly daunting, but moving alone provides opportunities for new experiences and self-discovery that are hard to find elsewhere. If you are going to move to a new city alone, considering this checklist will help you plan properly and get the most out of such a life-changing decision.

Pack Light

One of the main advantages of deciding to move to a new city alone is that you can start completely fresh. Of course, you will want to take your most important possessions with you, but packing light means that you can really enjoy a clean slate and properly create a new home. By only taking the things you really need, it will also be a lot easier to manage the actual packing and unboxing of your possessions on your own.

If packing light means that you’ve got things to leave behind that you don’t yet want to get rid of, consider using a storage service. Safely stowing your belongings in storage means that you can hang onto items that might be useful once you’re a bit more settled without taking additional clutter when you first move to a new city alone.

Research The Area

Before you move to a new city alone, make sure that you have done a bit of research about what to expect. Thorough research will make it feel less overwhelming when you first start exploring and mean that you have a better idea of which parts of your new city are the safest and most suitable for people moving alone. You’ll also be able to get an initial feel for a place if you aren’t actually certain which city you want to move to and feel confident about how long it will take to get around once you’ve committed to your new home.

Be Open To New Experiences

Trying new things will help you make the most of all the opportunities that are created by moving alone. It’s a great idea to continue with your old hobbies and interests to find comfort and stability in a new environment, but it’s also incredibly rewarding to try new things. Set aside some time in your busy moving schedule to look into different activities and events going on in your local neighbourhood and commit to doing at least one thing you’ve never experienced before!

Introduce Yourself

The thought of having to meet new people and make new friends puts many people off moving to a new city alone. Yes, you have to try a little bit harder to seek out social experiences as an adult, but you never know who you might meet in your new environment if you are open-minded. Take the plunge and introduce yourself to different kinds of people and remember that there will be lots of people out there in exactly the same position as you. There are always plenty of organised events that you can attend to meet new people and a quick chat with a friendly stranger could kickstart all kinds of introductions and opportunities.

Get Help From A Removal Company

Don’t be tempted to struggle with the actual moving of your belongings. A removal company can help you to safely get your prized possessions from A to B so that you can focus your time and energy on settling in and preparing for such a big change. There are different types of services you can take advantage of when moving to a new city alone, including Hackworthy’s packing services. We can also help with European and Overseas removals if you’re planning to spread your wings much further afield. 

Following this simple checklist is sure to make your move to a new city a stress-free one! Please get in touch with the expert team at Hackworthy if you’d like further help or advice when it comes to your solo move.