6 New House Superstitions To Ensure Good Luck When Moving

Monday 15th March 2021

Have any of your family and friends ever wished you good luck in your house move? Whilst this is likely a caring comment from your loved ones, for some people luck means more than that and some people may go out of their way to attract luck to their lives and home through following new house superstitions. 

Much like, breaking a mirror is supposed to give you bad luck for 7 years, there are many new house traditions that we’ve looked into to help those superstitious people out. 

Leave Your Old Broom Behind

It is a common new house superstition that you should purchase a new broom, leaving your old broom behind at your previous house. You will have swept up dirt in your old home and it is understood according to Feng Shui principles that your old broom carries all the negative aspects of your life. Nobody wants to bring negativity into their new home, so leave your old broom behind to avoid this. 

After cleaning up your old home following the move your broom is likely to have gathered a lot of dirt and dust, so even if you don’t believe in new house superstitions, it’s still a great tip to ensure that your new home is spick and span. 

Boil Milk 

If you’re looking to bring good luck into your new home, a common Hindu tradition is to boil milk on your new oven and let it boil over the top. This is thought to bring good energy and money, as well as symbolising prosperity and abundance. 

Although the phrase “don’t cry over spilt milk” typically means not to cry over something that’s already happened. It has true significance to this new house superstition, why cry over spilt milk if it’s going to bring you good luck and energy. 

Burn Sage 

You may have heard of burning sage to get rid of the bad energy surrounding you, but have you ever thought of doing this when moving into your new home, to get rid of the bad energy that has lived there before you. This new house superstition is said to keep your home safe from unwanted visitors but has also been recognised to reduce bacteria in the air by 94%. So whether you are superstitious or not, burning sage in your new home is guaranteed to provide some benefits. 

Paint Your Porch Ceiling Blue

Whilst we see many trends when it comes to colours within your home, painting your porch ceiling blue is actually a new house superstition that has been around for many years. The haint blue colour is thought to scare spirits away, as a result of the water-like shade that they are afraid to cross. Haint is the Gulla Geechee pronunciation of “haunt” or spirit, that of which cannot cross water, so to avoid mischievous and dubious spirits entering your home, the blue shade tricks them into thinking that they need to cross water and are in turn steered away from entering the house. 

Spread Out Salt 

Much like a lot of the new house superstitions, spreading salt in the doorways of your new home and over the threshold, it is believed that this will fight off evil spirits in your home. By vacuuming up this after 24 hours you not only clean up the mess that it's made but also vacuum the spirits away. 

Moving House On A Friday or Saturday

A common new house superstition that many people believe, is to avoid moving house on a Friday or Saturday as it is thought to prevent you from being able to settle into your new home and can be unlucky. However, these are amongst the most popular days to move, so if you’re a superstitious person you may even find more availability during the rest of the week, whilst also avoiding the potential of bad luck. 

Whilst we have covered many of the common superstitions of ensuring good luck in your new home, there are so many more housewarming traditions across the globe that are thought to bring good luck. 

We understand that superstitions aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a reliable removal company, Hackworthy & Sons can help, all you need to do is contact us today for a quote.