5 Ways To Make Moving Flat Less Stressful

Sunday 28th August 2022

When it comes to stressful events in your lifetime, moving flat is right up there with the worst of them!  Luckily, there are a number of ways to make moving into a flat a far more streamlined and stress-free experience, from creating a moving flat checklist, to ensuring you select the best flat removals company to handle the strain. Reduce the stress of moving flat with our top 5 tips:

Put together a personalised survival kit for the day that you move

One thing that’s often missed from a moving flat checklist is making sure that you have the essentials to hand on the big day. Imagine going to boil the kettle and the power is yet to be switched on! Or the nearest shop for that quick lunch stop is either miles away or closed. Be sure to have what you need for breaks, refreshments and pit stops close to hand to avoid being left high and dry - anything from water, milk, snacks and tissues, you’ll always want to have those little home comforts and items of sustenance available when moving flats. This will keep you going and provide you with a pick me up when you need it most. 

Get packing early!

There’s nothing worse than having a flat-full of unpacked homely wares strewn about the place when you know that it all needs to be packed, loaded and gone in the morning. When moving flat, it’s vital that you start packing as soon as possible to ensure that once the big day is peeking over the horizon, you’re ready to hit the ground running. Get all of those trinkets, books, DVDs and barely-used utensils all boxed up in plenty of time to really break the back of your packing - leaving those items that you use every day as the last few things that you need to sort the day before you move flats. Finally, make sure that you label all of your boxes according to which room the items within them belong in. Sounds obvious, but trust us, there’s no more annoying sight than opening a box full of dinner plates in the bathroom!

Give your landlord/flatmates as much notice as you can

If you live in a rented flatshare, you’ll also need to make sure that you’ve notified your landlord and your flatmates of your plans to leave. Be sure to communicate your move with all stakeholders in your current property so everyone is aware of what is going on. With clear direction from yourself, your flatmates will be aware when the upheaval of packing begins and when a flat removals company will be in, whilst ensuring you’ve given the notice required for your contract. With plenty of notice, you not only minimise the chances of creating an inconvenience for your flatmates, but you also ensure you’ve covered your contractual obligations as a tenant.

Take advantage of packing services

Packing can be a chore, especially when it involves everything that you own. With this in mind, choosing a removals company that offers packing services, like Hackworthy & Sons can be a huge help. Such a service can save you a whole bundle of stress, as our experienced packers will ensure that your prized possessions are not only handled with care, but are skilfully packaged, labelled and laid out most conveniently at your new flat. Not only that, our packers will ensure that any emergency items such as light bulbs, tool kit etc. are packed separately and made readily available for when you move in. If you’re strapped for time, or simply want to make life easier, packing services are a huge benefit and stress reliever when it comes to moving flat.

Pick a moving company that you can trust

When it comes to the items that are precious to you, it’s a huge worry when you have to entrust others to handle them with the same care that you would yourself. With this in mind, many are tempted when moving flat to do everything themselves - adding a whole heap of blood, sweat and tears to an already stressful experience. Hackworthy & Sons is a ‘Which? Trusted Trader’ and our specialist UK Removals service has been designed to help you through every step of the moving process - giving you the piece of mind that your belongings and the whole flat moving process will be handled with care, attention and efficiency. Furthermore, entrusting a flat removals company such as ours gives you the further-assurance of knowing that your belongings are insured through liability cover - a level that is all covered in the price at Hackworthy & Sons.

By following the short moving flat checklist above, you can be sure that your flat move will run far more smoothly, with key stressors minimised. Like anything in life, it’s important to plan your flat move so you encounter the least amount of stress possible, focusing your attention on the excitement of moving into your new home.