Can I afford To Move House? These Are The Costs Involved

Monday 15th November 2021

Moving house is exciting, however it can also be very expensive. If you’re wondering "can I afford to move house", the following guide will give you a clearer idea of the costs that are involved. In order to help you decide if moving house is a possibility for yourself at the moment, let’s take a look at all the costs involved from the buying process through to moving day. 

Stamp duty

Stamp duty is a land tax that is placed on properties over a certain price. However, if you’re buying a home in England or Northern Ireland, you won’t have to pay stamp duty on properties that are under £500,000. 


Another factor to consider when thinking about "can I afford to move house", is the cost of valuations.When you’re applying for your mortgage, the lender might request a valuation in order to establish how much money they are prepared to lend you.  Not all lenders will charge for this, however some might and so it’s another potential cost to be aware of. 


You should also organise a survey of the property before you buy it. This is to identify any problems within the property that you need to be aware of.  Although this is an initial upfront cost, it could save you money on potential repairs in the long run. 


One of the biggest costs involved in buying a property is putting down the deposit. The amount of deposit will vary depending on the property, however on average, you can expect to pay at least 5-20% of the purchase price. 

Mortgage fees

If you’re wondering “can I afford to move house”, another cost to be aware of is mortgage fees. Although you’re the one borrowing money from the lender, there are a few upfront costs it’s important to be aware of. These may include a booking fee/ arrangement fee and a valuation fee, as we mentioned earlier. If you choose to hire a mortgage broker there will also be a fee for this. 

Legal fees 

When buying a new house, you’ll need to appoint a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to oversee the legal aspects of the process. Usual legal fees for this will be between £800-£1500, however it’s a good idea to request quotes from different firms to give you the most reasonable fee possible. 

Buildings insurance

When thinking about "can I afford to move house", another factor to consider is buildings insurance. This covers you for any damage to the structure of the building that could affect its value, and will need to start on the date that you exchange contracts. Most mortgage lenders will also require you to have buildings insurance.

Estate agent fees

You’ll only need to pay estate agent fees if you’re selling. This is usually 1-3% of the sale price plus 20% VAT, or a flat fee for online estate agents.

Moving day costs

When thinking about, ‘can I afford to move house’, it’s also important to factor in the costs involved with moving day. With the right organisation, moving day doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, however these are the general costs to be aware of:

Removal company

Choosing the right removal company will reduce the stress of moving day and save you a whole lot of money. At Hackworthy & Sons, our professional team will support you through the process from packing to unpacking. Unlike most other removal companies, our quote for UK removals also includes insurance cover for all your belongings throughout the move. This saves you having to fork out on the additional stand alone cost of removals insurance. You can request a quick quote for removals online.


Do you need to store your belongings temporarily before you move into your new home? Or, are you downsizing house and needing to look at long term storage options? We offer a range of storage options to suit your requirements. We can send an estimator out to you in order to give you an accurate idea of costs.

Mail redirection

When thinking about “can I afford to move house”, one of the smaller fees that people often forget about is the cost of redirecting your mail. This ensures that all your mail will come to the new address, giving you time to change your address on all your accounts. The price for this ranges from £33.99 for three months to £66.99 for 12 months. 


If you’re moving out of a rental property you may be required to get the place professionally cleaned. It’s best to check with your landlord or agency to see what is required in order to avoid incurring any additional fees. 

New living costs

Think about the new furniture and appliances that you’ll need to buy as soon as you move in, and factor this into your budget. It’s also important to consider the ongoing costs of utilities and broadband and TV. Council tax is another cost to factor in when you move house. You can check online or with your local authority to see what your council tax band will be for the area. 

For more information on any of our removals services including our European and overseas removals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.