6 Reasons To Rely On Short-Term Storage When Moving House

Thursday 17th September 2020

First up if you haven't heard of self-storage then where have you been? 

Just kidding, self-storage is “a rented space in a building for storing property, where you can bring or take away your things by yourself”. An easy way to store your belongings if you are in need of some extra storage space at your home. 

Can short term storage help me when moving to a new house, you may ask? The answer is …. Yes, and we’re going to go through the reasons why you can rely on short term storage when moving house. 

1. First up, if you’re having to compromise on the storage space in your new house, then self-storage will help you. 

You may have had storage space in the loft at your previous house and are now moving into a house with a loft conversion resulting in much less storage space. By putting your belongings into storage this will help you store away the things that were in the loft in your previous house until you have built more storage space into your home. 

At Hackworthy & Sons, our sister company Plymouth Self Storage can provide you with the space you need for however long you need it, for you access 6 days a week. 

2. If you aren’t in a rush to unpack your boxes on moving day, why not store some of your non-essential belongings into a storage unit until you have unpacked the main brunt of your house and gradually bring in the things from the storage unit as and when you need it. 

By staging your house move, this will mean that you won't be overloaded with boxes when moving to a new house and help reduce the stress that often comes with moving day. 

3. When you’ve been out on house viewings, have you ever wondered why these houses look so pristine and free of clutter? Some people choose to pack some belongings that they don't need to hand, into a storage container. This can help to make their home look more appealing to potential buyers as this better showcases the home rather than the items in it. 

4. For those that have hobbies that require large pieces of equipment such as paddleboarding or surfing, a short-term storage unit could be helpful when moving house especially if your new house doesn’t have a garage that would fit this equipment in. Self-storage units are also a great place to store items such as camping equipment as this is something that you don’t need day to day so it isn’t required to be kept in the house if there isn't enough room. 

5. Are you between houses and temporarily renting with nowhere near as much room as you need for your things? Put some of the non-essential things that you won’t need to use soon into self-storage. Then, once you have found a house and have a moving date you can pick up your things from the short-term storage unit and take it to your new house. 

6. Finally, storage solutions are often used as a short-term storage option for students who have moved back home in their summer break. As they can store all of the kitchen items, furniture they may have bought and any university things that they won’t need over the summer whilst they are away for the summer before moving to a new house into their new student accommodation.