4 Benefits Of Working In A Small Office Environment

Wednesday 10th February 2021

With many people having worked from home for nearly a year now, it comes as no surprise that businesses are considering downsizing their offices. For employees to have adapted to working from home so efficiently and productively, this truly goes to show the benefits of working in a small office environment that they otherwise wouldn’t have. If you’re considering offering a remote working option after the pandemic is over, keep reading to find out what the benefits of working in a small office environment are and how this can help you reduce costs. 

Although there will still be a need for office spaces once the global pandemic is over, a staggering one in three small businesses are said to be planning to downsize but what are the benefits? 

Lower Costs 

Well, first up and maybe one of the most obvious benefits of working in a small office environment is the reduction of costs. By reducing the size of your office space, not only will you reduce the cost of your rent, but you will not have to spend so much on heating a large space, cleaning costs will be lower with fewer rooms and less space to cover and if you’re lucky you might even downsize to a location that has free parking. 

Better Productivity 

Several studies have shown that productivity levels have significantly increased by 47% while working remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic. So, by downsizing your office and giving your employees more flexibility and choice to work from home you can help sustain the boost in productivity and see the true benefits of this option. It’s also likely that your work from home set up is in a smaller environment than you are used to, so, many benefits of working in a small office environment at home strongly correlate with that of working in a smaller environment once you can go back into the workplace. 

Environmentally Friendly

A benefit of working in a smaller office environment and giving your employees the freedom to work from home more regularly is the positive effect it can have on the environment. The more people are working from home there is less need to commute to your workplace and meetings, meaning that you can help reduce the number of harmful emissions and somewhat unnecessary journeys that you would have made previously. 

Increased Flexibility 

As we’ve already briefly discussed, the flexibility of allowing your employees to work from home means that as a company you can reap the benefits of now having the ability to downsize. But, this means flexibility in itself is a great benefit of working in a smaller office environment. By increasing your flexibility around people working remotely, you can also increase your businesses offerings further afield and even hire new employees from wider geographic locations. 

2020 has definitely taught everyone a new way of working, especially for those who have an office-based role, but we’ve adapted so quickly and the situation has highlighted some great benefits we otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. If downsizing is something you're considering after seeing the benefits of working in a small office environment can have on your business, take a look at the other things to consider from relocating your office and your options around office removals

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