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The Moving Process

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We know moving can be stressful, so we’ve tried to break down the process for you.. Here’s how it works.

1. Enquiry

Give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk you through the moving process and answer any questions you have.

Use our quick quote tool for a rough guide to the cost of a standard removal or our full quote tool for a more detailed costs.

2. Property assessment

So we can give you a firm price, we’ll need to find out more about your move, including how much you’ve got to relocate, what the access is like at your property and when you’re looking to move.

The best way for us to do this is to arrange an appointment for one of our estimators to come and visit you at your property. They’ll be able to identify any potential issues and discuss your needs face to face. They’ll also be able to put your mind to rest if you’ve got any concerns about the moving process, and answer any queries you have.

We recommend thinking about what you’ll need before you meet the estimator – for example, are you happy to do your own packing, or would you like some help? Have you got any fragile items which need special attention?

A survey normally takes 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of your property. Once it’s done, we can draw up a service specification based on how much furniture you have to move, the number of boxes you’ll need to pack, and any other services you need.

Moving into the area, or don’t have time for an appointment? Use our online quotation tool and we’ll put together a written quote based on the information you provide online.

3. Quotation

We aim to send out written quotations by post or email within 48 hours of our estimator’s visit.

Your quote includes:

  • The agreed timeframe for the removal
  • The services included
  • Weekly storage charge (if you’ve chosen to include storage)
  • Late Key and Cancellation insurance.

We suggest you take some time to read the T&Cs and contact us if you’ve got any questions or need to make any changes.

We’ll give you a call a few days after we’ve sent your quote to check you’ve received it, answer any questions and confirm what happens next.

4. Booking your removal

It can be tricky knowing exactly when to book your removal, as the date can depend on so many other factors. We aim to be as flexible as we can and offer provisional bookings as well as a three month price guarantee on acceptance of our quotation.

Provisional Removal Dates

  • We’re happy to take provisional bookings, and we won’t charge you until you’ve confirmed your booking.
  • If another client’s looking at the same date for a removal, we’ll contact you and ask you to either confirm your date or release it.
  • Once we have received your Acceptance we are happy to arrange for your packing materials to be delivered so you can start preparing for your move.
  • All our prices are guaranteed for three months (subject to time sensitive costs such as ferry charges).

Confirmed Removal Dates

  • After you’ve confirmed your removal date we’ll send you written confirmation with full details of your booking.
  • If we haven’t done so already we’ll arrange delivery of packaging materials so you can start preparing for your move.
  • We ask for payment in advance for all removals. So you will receive an invoice to confirm the total cost for all the services you have selected.

5. Preparing for your move

You’ll find lots of useful information about how to prepare for your move in our advice section.

All our staff have years of removals experience, and we’re always happy to discuss your move. So if you’ve got any queries, just give us a call.

6. Packing

From providing boxes to help with fragile items or packing the entire contents of your home, we can find a packing solution that suits you.

7. Moving day

Congratulations – it’s your moving day!

We’ll brief our crew prior to their arrival so they’re up to speed on all aspects of your removal. Once they arrive, they’ll introduce themselves and will walk around your property to discuss the finer details of your move, like any items that need special attention. If you’ve got any questions about your move, they’ll be happy to answer them.

We take the utmost care with every removal and use specialist covers for items like sofas and TVs. All mattresses get a new mattress cover for the move.

Once everything that needs to go to your new home has been loaded up we’ll ask you to check and sign the crew waybill to confirm this.

Our crew will travel to your new property and meet you there. We won’t leave until everything’s sorted, including making sure all the boxes are in the right rooms and your furniture’s exactly where you want it.

Once you’re happy, we’ll ask you to sign the waybill to confirm your removal’s complete.

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