Top 5 Exciting Benefits Of Retiring Abroad

Wednesday 18th May 2022

If you’re nearing your retirement then you’re likely to be thinking about what your next steps will be. Should you stay at home for your retirement years or should you  consider experiencing a new life abroad? Deciding whether or not to retire abroad is a big decision to make, and ultimately depends on what you want to get out of your retirement. If you’re on the fence about retiring overseas, the following benefits might just help you make your decision…

Change Of Lifestyle

One of the most obvious benefits of retiring abroad is the change of lifestyle that it provides. Perhaps you’ve been living and working in the city and are desperate to escape to the fresh air, or are simply sick of the UK weather! Retiring abroad can provide you with a much more relaxed pace of life as you immerse yourself in a new culture and escape the stresses of everyday working life. Retiring abroad gives you the opportunity to completely redesign your routine and lifestyle, exactly how you want it to be.

New Experiences

Another one of the major benefits of retiring abroad is the opportunities that it presents for new experiences. It’s never too late to explore the parts of the world that you’ve always wanted to travel to, and moving abroad gives you the chance to experience living in your dream destination. You’ll continue to enjoy new experiences, as you adapt to a new culture and build new relationships in your new home. 

Improved Mental & Physical Wellbeing

It’s no secret that the sunshine can do wonders for lifting our mood, however retiring abroad can also have a big impact on our physical health. Enjoying a slower and less stressful pace of life is one aspect of living a healthier life abroad, however a new climate and environment also presents the opportunity to be more active. If you move somewhere near the coast you’ll be able to do an abundance of watersports, such as swimming or kayaking, which will help to boost endorphins as well as keeping you physically fit.

Cheaper Living Costs

A really practical benefit of retiring abroad is that it often presents cheaper living costs. Some of the best places to retire abroad from the UK will be cheaper to live in, relieving financial pressure whilst giving you the opportunity to live in a bigger home or invest more money in your favourite leisure activities. When investing your hard-earned retirement money, it’s important to know that you’re investing it wisely, and often retiring abroad is the best way of doing this.

Tick Off The Bucket List

As we mentioned a little earlier on, retiring abroad presents an invaluable opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Are there points that are sitting waiting to be ticked off your bucket list? Now’s the time to check them off.  When it comes to choosing where to retire abroad the world is your oyster, whether you choose a coastal retreat, quiet cottage life or a tropical haven. In terms of gaining new experiences and ticking off your bucket list, retiring abroad could well be one of the best decisions that you ever choose to make.

If you are considering retiring abroad and would like some guidance on the removals process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Hackworthy & Sons for an informal discussion. With more than 45 years in overseas removals, we will ensure that your move is as stress free as possible so that you can focus on looking forward to your new life abroad.