The Pros And Cons Of Buying A New-Build Home

Monday 20th September 2021

When you’re on the search for a new property, there’s certainly a lot to think about. One of the questions you may be asking is, should I buy a new-build house? Or, is it best to buy an older property? 

There are certainly many advantages to buying a new-build home, however, there are also disadvantages. In order to help you decide on the best option for yourself, we’ve put together a list of all the pros and cons to think about before buying a new-build home. 


Lower energy bills

New-build properties are built to meet the most recent specifications and building standards, meaning they are often more energy efficient than older homes. This means that they will benefit from the likes of modern insulation and double glazing. Moving into a home that is more energy efficient can allow you to make significant savings on your home energy bills over the years.

Good protection and low maintenance costs

When buying a new-build, you receive financial protection that you don’t receive when you buy an existing property. All new-build homes come with a 10 year warranty from the National House Building Council to cover structural defects. Many home builders often offer their own warranties as well. Due to this protection, maintenance costs are likely to be incredibly low for the first few years of living in the property. 

Nobody has lived there before

It might seem like an obvious point to make, however many new-build home owners love the fact that their new home has never been lived in before. For one thing, all appliances are brand new and will be spotlessly clean. Additionally, there is no upward chain, or for first-time buyers, no chain at all. This means there are less likely to be issues during the buying process. 

Make the property ‘yours’

Another great advantage of buying a new-build home is that you’re presented with a blank canvas in which you can often have your own say on the finishing touches. Depending on the individual home developer, it’s sometimes possible for buyers to have a say on the likes of fixtures, finishes and flooring. This gives you more freedom to make the property personal to yourself. 


Difficulty getting a mortgage

When buying a new-build home, one of the main disadvantages is that it can be harder to get a mortgage. Developers will enforce a tight deadline to complete a purchase after the deposit has been put down, which can be difficult for mortgage lenders to meet. Additionally, delays in construction can cause your mortgage to expire or raise issues that you weren’t initially aware of. Often, you’ll need a larger deposit to get a favourable mortgage rate than if you were buying an existing property, as lenders can be stricter with the maximum loan to value (LTV) they’re willing to lend for new-builds.

No real preview

Depending on the development of the building process, you may not actually be able to see your house in person until you’ve already purchased it. If the property is not finished, you may be relying on show homes and drawings to give you an idea of what the finished property is intending to look like. The risk with this is that you may collect the keys and realise the property is not what you imagined it would be. 

Premium prices

New-build homes are renowned for being expensive to buy. The high price tag is based on the premise that everything is brand new, and the fact that you are covered by a 10 year warranty. That’s why, in some cases, the more financially sound idea may be to invest in an older property. 

Smaller rooms and gardens

As developers need to maximise the number of houses that they can build on the site, it’s common for new-build properties to have smaller rooms and garden spaces than older houses. That’s why it’s important to consider how much space you’ll require. If you do fall in love with the idea of buying a new-build, there is of course always the option to store excess belongings in long term storage to help you  downsize without any hassle. 

Potential disruption 

When you move into a new-build development, it’s common for there to be a period of disruption as the site is completed. Noise, road closures and dirt may all be present in the first few weeks or months of you living there, until the development is complete. This is definitely something to consider when weighing up your options, and it’s always a good idea to get as accurate an idea of timescales as you can. 

As you can see, there are many questions to ask when buying a new-build house. Buying a new-build home is exciting and can have it’s benefits, however, there are also some drawbacks that it’s important to consider. 

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