The Advantages of Using A Removal Company to Move House

Wednesday 16th September 2020

We’ve previously looked at the reasons why you should hire a removal company, but have you explored the advantages you could benefit from by hiring a removal company? 

If not, you’re in luck, because we’re going to go through them for you here and we’re sure that you’ll never want to move house on your own again. 

Move Your Things Easily If You Don’t Drive

First of all, if you don’t drive one of the main benefits to you would be that you can move all of your things from house to house with the help of a removal company. Without this help, you are likely to face a few obstacles on how you plan to move house. Unless, you have a reliable family or friend that doesn't mind driving around to move your things. 

Safer To Move With A Removals Company 

When carrying out house removals with a removal company you can be sure that your items will be packed safely and carefully into the removal lorry. Moving on your own could pose some issues with breakages etc if you haven't packed the van correctly. But, the experience of a removal company is second to none, and at Hackworthy & Son’s our team receive regular training to ensure the safety of house removals for both parties. 

Another reason it can be safer to move with a removals company is that not only are the team trained to carry out your move in the safest way possible, but they also drive the removal vans day in and day out so are used to driving these vehicles. Whereas, if you are hiring out a van to move house on your own, you are most likely not too familiar with driving an alternative vehicle to your car. 

Peace Of Mind 

Using a removal company can help to give you peace of mind throughout the removals process, as you can be sure that everything is in hand when it comes to the transportation of your things on moving day. 

At Plymouth removal company, Hackworthy & Sons, we want you to feel as relaxed as possible on moving day. We offer additional services that can be added onto your removal quote to help you in every way we possibly can, whether this be a packing service or self storage. We can help! 


With removal companies you can be sure that they will always be there to help you on moving day. As reliable as your friends and family may be, you can never predict if something was to happen, or they are unwell on the day of your house move and are unable to help you move anymore. This can then leave you in a stressful situation where you may have less help than you originally thought. 

However, with a removal company you can always rely on them being there for your house removal. If a member of the team is unwell, the removal company can make other arrangements for a different member of the team to work. This may not be so easy to arrange for another family member or friend to help at such short notice. 

An additional reason that you can rely on Hackworthy & Sons for your house move is by taking up our cancellation waiver and late key waiver, which covers you should your move be cancelled at short notice or you are unable to get into your new house on time. This is something that is not always available with a van rental agreement. Thrifty, for example, is unable to offer refunds to any cancellations with less than 48 hours notice from the pick up date.  

Insurance To Cover You  

A removal company will be covered by insurance when moving your belongings. So you can be sure that your things will be covered should something happen to them on moving day. With a van rental, you will likely be covered for accidents or breakdowns, but may have to pay extra for insurance on the things inside the van. 

Experienced Removal Team

An experienced removal team is one of the most significant advantages of using a removal company. With the main reason for this being that they know the most efficient way to carry out a house move and can guide you through the process. In turn, reducing the stress for you. 

If you’ve recently moved house with a removal company and found any additional advantages, be sure to share these with us on social media to help future house movers decide on the best way to move house.