How To Settle A Dog Into A New House After Moving Home

Tuesday 20th April 2021

Settling into a new home can be hard for anyone and for pets it's important that we do what we can to make them feel comfortable and relaxed in their new home. 

We’ve covered the brief things on how to make moving with pets easier, but there are many other things that can be done to help this, and we’ll be covering how to settle a dog into a new house in this article. 

Arrange Somebody To Look After Your Dog  

One thing you may want to think about organising before moving house with a dog is arranging for somebody to look after your dog on moving day. This will help to give you the time and space you need to move boxes and removal companies to get around the house easily without the hassle of the dog walking around your ankles stressed about what is going on and the strangers walking around their home. 

By arranging doggy day care with a friend this will allow the dog to leave their current home in a relaxing time and arrive at their new home once you’re ready to welcome them back into a relaxing environment where you have time to give them attention. 

Keep Your Dogs Belongings The Same

Whilst it may be tempting to purchase a new bed, blanket etc for your dog to match the decor in your new home, it’s recommended to hold off on purchasing these things until your dog is fully settled into its new home. Your dog's belongings from the old house will carry a scent with them that will help them to settle into the new house, so by changing these things it can be unsettling them when getting used to their new environment. 

Keep Your Routine 

Like humans, maintaining a routine with dogs is a great way on how to settle a dog into a new home. If you’re used to letting your dog sleep upstairs or go to bed at a certain time in a crate, it’s important to keep this the same in your new home to avoid too much change for your dog during the move. 

You may want to look at reducing the space that they are allowed in within your new home, however this is something that could be done at a later date once the dog has settled in and has become accustomed to their new home. 

Organising To Be Home In The First Few Days Of Your House Move 

If your job allows you to work from home, one way on how to settle a dog into a new home is by organising to be a home for a few days/week after your move. Leaving your dog in the first few days of your move may cause extra stress and anxiety for them as they get used to their new space. So, by organising to stay home with them, the company will help to relax them as they become accustomed to their new home. 

Explore The Local Area 

Any dog owner knows that the word ‘walk’ is an absolute guarantee to get your dog out of the house. So, why not take advantage of this for both of you and get out to explore the area around your home to help you both become familiar with your new surroundings. 

Set Up Your Dog's Space Upon Arrival 

If you’re unable to find someone to look after your dog on moving day, we’d suggest that you set out your dog’s space as soon as you can on arrival to the new home. This will help to ensure that they have their own space to relax and escape to whilst everyone else is moving around the house unpacking. Somewhere like a utility room or a spare bedroom that won’t need to be visited very much during the house move is a great space to set up your dogs space to relax in, whilst keeping the door open will ensure that they don’t feel trapped and can hear that you are nearby if they feel nervous. 

Pay Them Attention 

Part of owning a dog is paying them the attention that they deserve. Dogs are considered a member of the family and it wouldn't be fair to pay attention to the rest of the family and not the dog. Unpacking your new home can take time, but by paying your dog attention not only can this reduce your pet’s stress, but also your own by taking a break from the unpacking tasks that overcome you. Taking some time out playing with them will help to ensure them that they are still a priority and will help them to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings by doing familiar things with them. 

Stay Calm, Relaxed And Patient 

As we said at the beginning of this article, it takes everyone time to get used to a new house, before feeling relaxed and at home. Therefore, the last thing that we’d recommend on how to settle a dog into a new home is to stay calm, relaxed and patient as your dog goes through this process too. You may have times where your dog has accidents in their new home or does things out of the ordinary but this should pass as they become familiar with their new home. And… don’t forget if there becomes a time where they are really struggling to settle into your new home, there is always the opportunity to contact a dog trainer to help give you tips and advice on how to help them. 

As always, if you have any other tips on how to settle a dog into a new home we’d love to hear them. Make sure to share them with us on Facebook, Twitter to help others going through this process. If you’re more of a cat person and would like some tips on how to settle a cat into a new home, stay tuned.