How To Deep Clean A House Before Moving In

Monday 21st March 2022

When you move into a new home, you would hope that the previous tenants have left it in a clean and tidy state. However, unfortunately this isn’t always the case, or in instances where the property has been cleaned, it may not be up to the standard you would like. That’s why it’s always sensible to know how to deep clean a house before moving in. Cleaning the property whilst it is still empty, allows you to reach any dirt and grime that might be lingering, and that will soon be covered by furniture. You can always leave your belongings in storage temporarily to give you the space that you need to get organised. Taking the time to clean before you move in, means you can move your belongings into a shiny new property that is beautiful and fresh to make your own

Not sure where to start with how to deep clean a house before moving in? Make sure to check out this simple and straightforward new house cleaning checklist:

Start In The Bathroom…

When thinking about how to deep clean a house before moving in, the most sensible place to start is the bathroom. This is because it’s likely to have been used when the previous occupiers were moving out, and you’ll also need to use the sink etc. for cleaning the rest of the house. You want to start by removing any stains. For really stubborn stains you can use vinegar and baking soda. Apply the mixture to the stains and let it sit for 30 mins before scrubbing off with a toothbrush. Next, you’ll want to disinfect the toilet, clean the sink area, and wipe down windows and mirrors. You also want to remember to clear out vents and fans with a feather duster to prevent the build up of dust. Removing dust as well as just stains and grime is an important factor to remember when discussing how to deep clean a house before moving in.

Then Move Onto The Kitchen

The next stage in how to deep clean a house before moving in is tackling the kitchen. This is where odours can be strongest, meaning you’ll want to get rid of them quickly. Not to mention, you’ll want to be able to enjoy a cup of tea and a snack whilst you’re unpacking everything. It’s best to start by cleaning out the fridge so that you have a hygienic space to start storing food. Next, you want to pull out any freestanding units to clean behind them, clean inside of cupboards and then tackle the counter tops. You’ll also want to take a look at any in-built appliances such as the oven, to check for any hidden dirt. Don’t clean the floor until last as this will allow you to mop up any debris that might have fallen on the ground in the process.

Work From The Top Down

As you work your way around the rest of the property, it’s important to start high up i.e ceilings and light fixtures, before tackling the floors. This is a key tip for how to deep clean a house before moving in as it will make the process a whole lot more efficient. For example, you don’t want dust from an old lamp shade falling onto your newly mopped floor. Always start by removing any dust before tackling any dirt or markings that might be on the ceilings or walls. When cleaning walls and ceilings, just be careful to pay close attention to what they are made from to ensure that you don’t cause any damage. For example, glossy paint will be a lot tougher than matt paint or wallpaper. When thinking about how to deep clean a house before moving in, when it comes to living spaces, hallways and bedrooms, make sure to pay close attention to corners. These will soon be blocked  by furniture, making them hard to get to for future cleaning.

Focus On Floors

When discussing how to deep clean a house before moving in, it’s all too easy for the floors to be forgotten, however this is a crucial part of any new house cleaning checklist. It’s easy for hidden dirt to build up on floors, particularly on carpets where dust can quickly build up if they have not been hoovered regularly. This can create odours, but can also be a health hazard if large amounts of dust are left to accumulate. In some cases,  when considering how to deep clean a house before moving in, it may be best to get the floors professionally cleaned to ensure they are in tip top condition, ready for when you move in. 

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