Four things you should know about moving to the countryside

Wednesday 15th June 2016

Everybody knows everybody

You probably don’t know the lady that smiled at you in the butchers, or the man that said ‘Morning!’ as you were walking your dog but that’s just the English countryside. As soon as you move here you’ll feel like your social circle has grown tenfold. If you need to nab some milk when you first move in then you can ask your neighbour with no hesitation. The family vibe that comes from quaint English villages is totally unbeatable.

Night times are so much clearer and calmer

The best vantage point to see the stars is from the most remote country location. Minimal light pollution and cloud coverage can give you the most spectacular sky views. If that’s not enough to convince you that you belong in a farmhouse in the countryside then we don’t know what is! Combine your newly-discovered starry nights with some friends, a campfire and food for a classic countryside get together.

You won’t go a day without seeing some wildlife

From Skylarks to horses and everything in between don’t be surprised if your morning commute is disrupted by a herd of sheep. The countryside is the home to thousands of cattle, birds and dogs so don’t worry about taking your pooch to the pub for a few either, they’re probably welcome with open arms. Cocker Spaniels and sheepdogs are a firm favourite out in the sticks so if you really want to get in with the locals we recommend carrying around some dog treats!

The air is crisp, clean and healing

The UK countryside has some of the cleanest air in the UK with extremely low pollution levels. Thanks to all the green pastures, plants and foliage the air is completely different to the stifling, warm air of inner cities. You can start off your mornings with a walk to get you awake, alert and ready for the day!