Do I Need Removals Insurance & How Do I Get It?

Tuesday 10th May 2022

There is plenty to think about when moving house, from organising legal documentation to arranging a removals company. However, an essential part of the moving process that you don’t want to forget is organising removals insurance. 

Why Is Removals Insurance Important?

Removal insurance protects the contents of your home from loss and damage while you move house. Whilst you don’t expect loss or damage to your goods when moving, we all know that accidents can happen. That’s why removals insurance is so important. It gives you peace of mind that the value of all your most important possessions is protected. The details of removals insurance will vary from policy to policy, however most policies will protect against damage caused by events such as:

  • Theft
  • A crash with another vehicle
  • Fire and explosion
  • Vandalism or malicious acts
  • Extreme weather e.g storms, floods or earthquakes

How Do I Take Out Removals Insurance?

There are three main options for taking out removals insurance. These are:

Reviewing Your Household Insurance 

The first option for organising removals insurance is checking what is covered within your home/household insurance policy. Some homeowner’s policies will cover domestic removals. Check your documents or call your provider to see what, if anything, is covered in the move. It’s important to check this well in advance of your planned move, as if you do receive removals insurance as part of your policy, you’ll need to notify them of key information including your moving date and destination. 

Purchasing Your Own Insurance

Another option that you may want to consider is purchasing your own insurance from a third party. Inclusive cover against loss and damage can be purchased based upon a valuation of your household goods. This can be an expensive option and so if you're considering purchasing your own insurance it’s important to spend time shopping around for the best deal and being sure to read the small print. This is particularly important when looking at the limited liability and deductibles that are included in the policy.

Choosing A Removal Company That Includes Insurance

The easiest option for taking out removals insurance is finding a removals company that covers the insurance for you. This means no shopping around for the best deals, and peace of mind that your belongings are protected and in good hands. At Hackworthy & Sons, we believe in making things as easy as possible. That’s why unlike most other removal companies, your quote includes insurance cover for all your belongings throughout the move. This includes cover for your belongings throughout the entire moving process, including when your goods are in storage. In the unlikely event that you do need to make a claim, we’ll be on hand to assist you with the process. This cover is for domestic and national removals. 

In addition to this cover, we offer the following waivers:

Cancellation Waiver: We understand that people’s plans can change unexpectedly. That’s why our cancellation waiver means that you won’t have to pay any extra costs in the event that you need to cancel the move at short notice. 

Late Key Waiver: If you can’t move into your property on time, most removals companies will charge you an hourly rate as a late fee. At Hackworthy & Sons, our crew will stay on site for up to three extra hours with no additional charge. 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information or to request a quote.