7 Tips For Combating Homesickness After Moving Abroad

Tuesday 4th May 2021

Moving abroad is an exciting opportunity, however it can take a little while to adjust to life in a new country. It’s perfectly common to feel homesick after moving abroad as you attempt to settle into a new culture, language and environment. The good news is that with a few simple tricks it’s perfectly possible to overcome homesickness and start enjoying your new life abroad to the maximum. If you’re concerned about feeling homesick after moving abroad then it’s worth keeping the following tips in mind...

Create a routine

It doesn’t need to be a strict routine but creating some sort of structure for your week is an important step in establishing your new life after moving abroad. Having a routine is likely to make you feel less lost and more in control which will prevent unwanted feelings of homesickness. If you’re starting a new job, this will provide you with a sense of routine anyway. If you’re not working, creating your own schedule will really help. Just remember to incorporate plenty of fun activities where you can!

Exercise regularly

The physical and mental health benefits of exercise should never be overlooked and when it comes to combating homesickness, exercise is a really helpful tool. Exercise releases happy hormones making us feel better, so if you’re feeling anxious or lonely then going for some exercise is likely to do wonders for lifting your mood. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise;  A short walk, run or cycle will be a huge boost whilst keeping you fit as well of course. If you have the option then you could also join a local exercise group as this will be an excellent way to meet people at the same time. 

Make a discovery list

When you feel really homesick it can sometimes be difficult to remember the excitement of moving abroad. Focusing on all the adventures you can have in your new home is a great way to stay positive and ultimately get to know your new environment so that it becomes more familiar. Make a list of all the coffee shops, parks, monuments etc. that you want to explore and visit a new one everyday. This is a great way to establish your favourite places and in no time you’ll be a regular at your favourite coffee shop or restaurant. 

Meet some new people

One of the main concerns people have about moving abroad is how they will meet new people.  The thought might seem scary however meeting new people is likely to be a lot easier than you expect it to be. If you’re starting a new job then you’ll automatically meet new people through work and in today’s ultra-connected society it’s so easy to expand your social circle quickly. Join local clubs and events and look for expat groups online. Being able to chat to other expats will help you feel less lonely and help you make friends to go and do activities with. 

Use technology to stay connected (but not too much!)

One of the biggest challenges of moving abroad is moving away from loved ones. Luckily with the likes of Facetime, Skype and social media it’s now easy to stay connected with loved ones in different countries. Use technology to keep in touch with people but be wary not to overuse it so that it becomes a crutch. Try to avoid comparing your new life after moving abroad to life in your old home as this will prevent you from fully immersing yourself in your new location. 

Learn a new language

Learning something new will keep your mind active and there’s no better advice on how to move abroad than learning the language. Not only will this give you a distraction from feelings of homesickness, it will also help you combat the language barrier and connect with native speakers and the culture around you. Knowing the language will give you a greater sense of belonging and make life easier on a practical day to day basis.

Acknowledge how you feel 

Everyone gets homesick from time to time when they’re in a new environment and you should never feel ashamed if you’re having a bad time. After moving abroad there can be a lot of pressure to feel like you’ve made the right decision, but it’s important to give it time and let yourself acclimatise to your new home. Talk about how you’re feeling or write it down if you’d prefer to. Moving abroad can be tricky but the benefits are huge and with the tips we’ve mentioned you’ll soon start to thrive in your new home. 

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