5 Top Tips On How To Downsize Your Home When Moving

Monday 25th January 2021

Looking at downsizing your home? It’s likely that where your living currently is too big for those of you living there, with that you probably have way more things in your home than you need. If you need advice on how to downsize your home effectively, you’re in the right place as we provide you with our top tips on how to downsize your home. 


First up on our list of top tips on how to downsize your home has got to be, decluttering. Without decluttering your home before you move house you run the risk of bringing unnecessary items with you to your new house that you don't have room for. Not only will this give you less space in your new home, but it’s also likely to cause you stress and anxiety that your move wasn’t the right decision. If you’ve decided downsizing to a smaller home is the right steps for you, be practical with what you take with you to your new home. Think to yourself; Do I really need this? What do I need this for? When was the last time I used this? Asking yourself these questions will help you to work out the things that you use and whether they hold enough value and use to take with you to your new home. 

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Use Storage Units For Items You Are Unable To Fit In Your Home 

If you are downsizing to a smaller home that has fewer storage areas, such as a garage or shed but still need somewhere to store these items away from the inside of your home. Have you considered storing these items in a nearby storage unit? You can store almost anything in a storage unit and can choose from a variety of sizes to suit the amount of space required for your belongings. Items such as garden furniture could be stored in a unit during the winter months and collected in the summer when needed. 

Make Use Of Multi-functional Furniture 

Wondering how to downsize your home with a multitude of furniture to move? If so, items such as sofa beds have a number of uses which means that you don’t need to buy two different pieces of furniture for the same purpose. Have your children moved out of home but you still need to have somewhere for them to stay when they visit? Where you may have had a chair and a bed in one room, why not get rid of these items and make use of your sofa bed? Not only will this make your room look bigger in your new home but will also be more inviting with less clutter around the room. 

Utilise Storage Space

Upon deciding that you will be downsizing to a smaller home, whilst viewing potential houses to move to, it's worth keeping a lookout for the storage spaces available in these properties. No matter how much preparation and decluttering you can do before downsizing your home, it won't be until you have moved in that you know how much or how little will fit into your new home. So keeping an eye out for properties with a lot of storage space will help to ensure that there is room for things to be put away once you have moved in. 

Digitise Photos, Paperwork, etc 

Finally, a tip that can be used across multiple areas, is digitising things that you need/own. For example, if you have lots of old photos that you’d like to keep but don’t need all of the repeats and negatives etc, think about getting these uploaded onto a hard drive so that you can view these on the computer, saving room in the house where these would be stored. 

Other steps you can take are moving to online bank statements and any other paper communications you have with people, this will not only reduce clutter but you’ll play your part in saving the environment.

At Hackworthy & Sons we have carried out many UK removals where people have been downsizing to a smaller home, so if you are considering this move and have any further questions on how to downsize your home, get in touch today.