5 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

Thursday 2nd December 2021

From a seller's perspective, selling your home for a good price during the winter can be a lot more difficult than selling your home at other times of the year. However, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Make sure your home is in the best position to sell to potential buyers with our top 5 tips for selling your home in the winter.

Stage Your Home For Viewings

The first of our tips for selling your home in the winter is to stage your home for viewings. One of the best ways to sell your property for a good price is to make your house feel like a home by making it as warm and cosy as possible. This is a particularly important tip for selling your home in the winter when potential buyers have come in from the freezing cold weather outside. We would highly recommend making a fresh pot of coffee, or a warm hearty meal so that your home is full of pleasant and inviting smells. If there’s a key feature or selling point in your home, make sure you show it off. This may include lighting the log burner or turning on underfloor heating. 

Decorate Your Home For The Festive Season

Do not be afraid to decorate your home for the festive season. This is a top tip for selling your home for winter for a number of reasons. The first reason being that if this is going to be the last Christmas in your home, you want to make the most of it! However, more importantly from a seller’s perspective, making your home look festive adds another selling point to potential buyers. Focus on the first room viewers will see. It should be de-cluttered, smelling festive, and providing a ‘wow’ factor. Just be careful not to overdo the decorations so that buyers can see all aspects of the house clearly.

Be A Warm Host

If you choose to be in the property whilst potential buyers are looking around, always try to be as warm and as friendly as possible to ensure that buyers leave the viewing having had a positive and memorable experience. Without being too pushy, make sure you are telling the viewers the key selling points of the house and how you are prepared and organised to move out the property once you have found a buyer. This is an essential tip for selling your home in the winter that it’s important to avoid overlooking. 

Give The Garden Some TLC

We can all admit that our gardens definitely get neglected during the winter months, with the grass looking sorry for itself, the plants looking windswept and the garden furniture looking a little worse for wear. That’s why one of our top tips for selling your home in winter is to make sure you give the garden some well deserved TLC before a potential buyer comes over to view the property.  Treat the garden as an extra room like you would in the home in order to optimise your selling opportunities.

Good Lighting Is Key

Good lighting is something we would highly recommend focusing on when it comes to selling your home during any time of the year, however it’s a particularly important tip for selling your home in the winter. A light and bright property is a lot more appealing to potential buyers than a home that is poorly light and doesn't get much natural light of its own. You can create this illusion by switching out yellow tone bulbs with white light tones and choosing clever lighting options when it comes to kitchens, hallways, stairs and bathrooms.