10 Tips For House Viewings From A Seller’s Perspective

Monday 17th May 2021

In order to sell your home quickly and at a good price, house viewings are really important to get right.  A viewing is an opportunity to show off your property and when it comes to persuading potential buyers, first impressions are everything. Making sure your home is in tip top condition before you invite people to view it will make the selling process a whole lot smoother. With that in mind, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for house viewings to help you get your home ready to sell in quick time. 


Clutter makes a space look small and untidy making it difficult for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space. It can also hide attractive features of the house such as fireplaces and block the light in window areas. The key to decluttering is to start early, before you even put your house on the market. That way you’ll have plenty of time to sort through what you actually need to keep and what you could get rid of. When it comes to moving time, having less clutter will make the whole process a lot less stressful.

Clear away toiletries and personal items 

It’s easy for mountains of toiletries and medication to accumulate in the bathroom. Sort through anything you might not need and store the rest away in cupboards or drawers. One of our best tips for house viewings is to avoid having too many personal items on display like toiletries and medication. Remember that buyers want to be able to picture how they would live in your home, not how you currently live in it. ‘De-personalising’ your home to an extent, without removing the home comforts is the magic formula for the perfect house viewing, and one of our top house viewing tips for sellers that can often be forgotten. 

Let the light in

Another of our top house viewing tips for sellers is to let as much natural daylight as possible flood into the property. Pull back the curtains and move any items that might be blocking the light from the windows such as vases or photo frames on window sills. Bringing natural light into the property will enhance the visual appeal of the place and ultimately make it more inviting. 

Make the place smell good

When we view a property we make judgements based upon what we can see of course but also upon what we can hear and smell. If your home smells good it will be instantly more appealing to potential buyers and set the right tone as soon as they walk through the door. On the day of the viewing, open the windows to let fresh air circulate through the property. This is particularly important in the kitchen where there’s the potential for the room to smell of last night’s dinner. Get the windows open, and light some scented candles. As cliché as it is, freshly baked bread and brewed coffee are actually the most inviting smells in a living space, so if you’re feeling up to it, it might be worth doing a bit of baking in preparation. 

Think about temperature

Another really important tip for house viewings is to make sure that your home is a comfortable temperature. If someone comes to visit your house in the middle of December and it’s freezing cold then it’s unlikely they’re going to associate the property with being inviting and homely. Similarly if someone comes to view it in the height of summer and it’s absolutely boiling, that’s equally as uncomfortable. Keep the house warm in the winter and in the summer if it’s a really hot day, you might want to keep the windows open throughout the viewing.  This will make the place smell great anyway!

Remove distractions

During a house viewing, you want the buyer to focus on the best aspects of the property and this is why one of our top tips for house viewings is to remove potential distractions. Making sure the TV is turned off and the radio isn’t playing full blast will help viewers focus on what’s in each room rather than being distracted. As much as we love them, if you’ve got pets it’s probably best to leave them with a neighbour or loved one for the duration of the viewing. Cute as they are, pets can be distracting and certain viewers might have a phobia of cats or dogs. 

Clean and hoover

This one probably goes without saying, but our top 10 tips for house viewings wouldn’t be complete without emphasising the importance of making sure surfaces, furniture and floor space look spotless. Clean up any marks or spills on kitchen surfaces, wash away any bathroom grime and make sure shelves are free of dust. If you clean the house from top to bottom the day before the viewing, all you’ll need to do on the day of the viewing is have a quick whizz round to check all the rooms are looking and smelling great. 

Clear up the garden

If your property has a garden, for many people this can be the main selling point. With this in mind, one of our most important tips for house viewings with gardens is to ensure any outdoor space is looking its best. Remove any old garden furniture that is broken or decayed and clear out any weeds or overgrown greenery. If your garden includes a patio or decking area, putting out some pretty pot plants is a lovely addition to make the space more visually appealing. 

Give the property drive-by appeal

Potential buyers could be walking by your house every day and will often drive- by the property to see what it’s like before committing to a physical viewing. That’s why one of our most essential tips for house viewings is to make sure the front of the house always looks its best. Give the front door a lick of paint if it needs it and make sure the front lawn and hedges are kept in smart condition. It’s also a nice idea to put some flower pots or hanging baskets out. You never know who’s going to drive by, and if the place looks nice it could be your next buyer. 

Put excess belongings in storage

When you’re in the process of decluttering and tidying your home for a viewing, if there are any items that you can’t hide away in cupboard or drawer space then leave them in short term storage. Having an external storage space to use as an overflow will make it a lot easier to get your home looking tidy and in order ready for people to view it. 

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